The Instituto Técnico Superior Especializado (ITSE) aims to provide a model of participation and involvement in the supply of tertiary education to supply a pipeline of talents to meet Panama’s economy.

The campus is designed with high regards to sustainability, achieving juxtaposition between the architectural avant-garde, environment and the programme. The design considered the undulating terrain, the forested area and the existing river/creek within the site to minimise cutting of trees and earth.

The three schools, namely the School of Engineering & Technology, School of Hospitality & Tourism and School of Business, are geometrically looped harmoniously onto the site after considerations of the site constraints. This design allows the courtyard to be introduced as semi-private spaces for each school users and facilitate cross-ventilation. 

The central connecting spine serves as a large convergence area that binds the public and activity-generating areas such as the amphitheatre, cafeteria and sports hall and other amenities together as one vibrant campus. This activity zone stretches from the main drop-off porch across the existing creek, orchestrating the surrounding landscape cohesively, towards a future linkage to an upcoming train station. 


Gross Floor Area

102,600 m2








El Instituto Técnico Superior Especializado (Specialised Superior Technical Institute) / ITSE

In Collaboration with

Cambefort & Boza Arquitectos (Local Architect)

The circular facades create a variety of spatial experiences and clear way-finding avenues.

The integration between the campus, the spine, the continuity of green (forest) and blue (river) through and around the campus becomes ITSE's showcase for its specialized platform for a sustainable education model.



Singapore Institute of Technology – Punggol Campus Court

NTU Academic Building South

ITSE Panama

Khalifa University

ITE Headquarters & ITE College Central

LASALLE College of the Arts