Spread across 23.8 acres, the design of Hexaware campus creates a landmark in a setting with limited architectural references and is representative of a strong brand identity.

The design derives inspiration from the vernacular architecture and is expressed in a distinctly contemporary language. The façade design is a rendition of the traditional jali work in clean modern lines, blocking harsh sunlight on the southern front and creating an interesting play of light and shadow. Complimenting a largely sandstone-clad exterior is a floating glass monolith that functions as a meeting room, providing views of the hills on one end and views of the central courtyard on the other.

The campus is planned around the idea of ‘campus within a campus’. The five-story structure is formed by various units that are connected by pedestrian walkways and sky bridges. At the heart of this complex is a large central courtyard that provides a visual connection to all floors, and acts as the hub for socializing. The built mass is deconstructed to form several classical courtyards that foster interaction and collaboration. The interplay of volumes and voids ensure a visual tie with the hills running west of the project as well as creating several shaded outdoor spaces.


Built-up Area

2,08,000 ft2


Pune, India






Hexaware Technologies Limited

The design boasts of high levels of sustainability, having received the LEED Platinum rating. Photo Credit: SuryanDang Photography



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