Where zen vacation and living meet spatial ingenuity

22 December 2020

Our new DaNianHuaWan project in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China will bring a new multi-experiential area that rejuvenates the soul.

The Jiangsu Province in China is well known for its beautiful lakes and rivers, hence it is also known as the land of water. The project is located beside the Wuxi lake with a rich ecosystem.

The design for DaNianHuaWan project draws inspiration from its surrounding area to feature seven islands configured around a lake. 

Offering a variety of waterfront amenities, living areas and destinations, the island clusters are connected by the central landscape of this lake which also forms the core structure of the conceptual plan.

The layout of the project provides circulation and a flow that complements the intended tranquil and dynamic characteristic of this lakeside concept. Think picturesque views, interconnected waterways and vibrant spaces and you will have this new integrated waterfront town.

A perfect blend of modern and green elements birth the vacation experience that is further enhanced by the composition of communal spaces spread across the islands.