Toll City – a feature in Construction+

14 Jan 2019

Unlike other warehouses in the area, Toll City is clad in fire-rated aluminium composite panels to project a sleek and modern image, befitting its role as Toll Group’s main headquarters in Singapore.

The interior of the building is fitted with industrial-type materials, such as cladding, mesh, cement panel and black-framed glazed partitions and doors, giving it a modern industrial look.

As the site has two vehicular accesses, it is necessary to have a clear division of heavy vehicular movement and car movement. With both entrances being very close to junctions and road bends, RSP’s design team also had to ensure that there are sufficient queuing lengths within the site to avoid queues on the road.

The main public traffic access to the site is via Gul Crescent road, which is not the building’s main address; hence, the ramp at the entrance is dressed in mesh to add prominence to it.

The first storey of the building holds the car parking and other ancillary facilities for the warehouse operations. The central core is organised to house the reception, next to the vertical circulation through the building. Other required spaces such as a first aid room, staff rooms, drivers’ rooms, store and facility management rooms, together with all the main M&E rooms, are also housed on this floor.

The second to sixth storeys are designed with a 16,000-square-metre warehouse floor plate, with 22 loading/unloading bays. Each warehouse had a mezzanine that houses the warehouse operational office. The ramp is designed as a double loop to reduce the footprint, with the extra space converted into a dedicated truck parking zone for each warehouse.

Due to a height restriction of 85 metres AMSL on the site, Toll was not able to have a two-storey corporate office on the seventh floor. As a result, the sixth-storey mezzanine was redesigned to house part of the corporate office and canteen, with the remaining corporate office and gym on the seventh floor.

The corporate office is designed around a green courtyard and landscaped terrace – an urban oasis within an industrial zone – and overlooks a stunning view of the dockyard. The building’s orientation maximises the north-south axis of the site. The corporate office is shielded from the western sun, with its full-glazed façade facing south and partly east.

RSP is the architectural and civil & structural engineering consultant for Toll City. 

Article by Construction+

Images by Precise Development Pte Ltd. Images of interiors by Toll Logistics (Asia) Ltd.