Artists’ impression of one of the aviaries at the new bird park. Credit: Mandai Park Development

The wings to fly and the space to soar

31 March 2020

The supershed design for nine free-flight aviaries offers an immersive visitor experience in Singapore’s new bird park at Mandai.

Asia’s largest bird park and a mainstay attraction of the island-city, Jurong Bird Park and it’s 3,500 feathered residents will migrate north to a brand-new home nestled in Mandai’s upcoming nature heritage precinct in 2022.

The new bird park, as well as a new Rainforest Park, will join the existing trio of attractions there — the Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari — to form a five-in-one nature and wildlife destination. Plans were announced in 2014 and development work began in 2017.

The goal is to develop ‘mini worlds’ where the birds would fly freely in an environment that closely mirror their natural habitats, and where visitors could fully immerse themselves in the experience. The supershed design for the nine free-flight aviaries creates a high-volume, column-less space that supports this.

Credit: Mandai Park Development

Large enough to comfortably house hundreds of birds and designed to be structurally unobtrusive, the aviaries will transport visitors into a variety of themed landscapes from around the world.

We look forward to the completion of the new bird park as it becomes part of the 126-ha integrated nature and wildlife park!