RSP in CID Awards 2020 shortlist

5 November 2020

BAPS Hindu Mandir, and Senior Project Coordinator, Leadymyrrh Cruz-Cunanan from Dubai Studio, are shortlisted in the Commercial Interior Design (CID) Awards 2020. 

The CID Awards celebrates outstanding people and projects of the Middle East.

Hindu Mandir has been nominated for Best Interior Design Concept of the Year. 

Inspired by the monolithic nature of a traditional Hindu Temple in the details of its shaded walkways, courtyards, engravings and altars, the architecture is a harmony between the local desert site and Hindu culture. Weaving in key components of Hinduism: the three sacred rivers of India, the five senses, Ghats, Vastus, and the number seven, Hindu Mandir is conceptualised as a revitalising haven in the midst of a desolate plain. 

Hallways clad in monolithic stone emulates the walls of the ancient temples; as the high central ceiling with clerestory windows gives the illusion of an interior courtyard.

Stone and wood finishes patterned with lavish intricate carvings are consistent to preserve the cultural and spiritual semblance of the temple complex.

Open to the elements, the permeable, bell dispersed jali wall stimulates visitors’ five senses, allowing them to see, feel, hear, smell, and be one with the surroundings.

Leadymyrrh Cruz-Cunanan, Senior Project Coordinator of our Dubai Studio, has been shortlisted in the award for Behind the Scenes in recognition of her daily dedication as an architect.

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