Revel in the scenic gardenscape of Jiaxing Hotel

23 October 2020

With its careful integration within the urban context, RSP won the design competition for the new premier hotel in Jiaxing, China .

The 180m curved facade of a new hotel development sits on the last plot of development land for Jiaxing Intelligence and Innovation Park. Located at a prime intersection and surrounded by greenery and water bodies, the 375-key hotel possesses an unobstructed panoramic view of the city.

The design concept echoes the park’s unique science and technology identity with its integrated digital cloudlike facade. Two stretched arcs act as the main body of the building and encloses a central courtyard. In order to give the city skyline more rhythm and dynamism, a gentle slope has been introduced to the top of the building.

From within the lobby of the conference centre in the basement, the cascading central courtyard provides natural light and beautiful views of the Chinese garden with modern elements, creating a three-dimensional landscape effect which allows people to experience the charm of the new garden.

As the final puzzle piece of the park, the project not only rejuvenates the park’s environment but also refreshes its image for being a new landmark in the south of Jiaxing city.