Journey over jungle, sand and sea

23 October 2020

Bypass road traffic for a scenic and seamless cable car ride around the popular island destination, Sentosa, in Singapore. 

Since the launch of the Sentosa Line cable car in 2015, visitors have been able to enjoy the 890m long intra-island cable car that links its three key attraction nodes. Five years on, it continues to be a unique commute around Sentosa.

With 51 eight-seater cabins, the Sentosa Line is the fastest link across the island; with a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 people per hour being transported in one direction.

Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Besides being a winner of the Singapore Building and Construction Authority Design and Engineering Safety Excellence, it also won the 2016 Top 50 Engineering Feats at The Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES)-SG 50 awards that recognise projects with greatest economic, infrastructural or societal impact on Singapore since its independence.

The stations were designed to be compact and lightweight to incorporate green design features whilst retaining the landscape integrity and complementing the nature of each location.

Resembling the shape of ship that arrives to shore, the Siloso Point Station is an architectural piece inspired by the surrounding beach area. With form complementing the dense foliated locale is the Imbiah Station situated alongside a steep terrain. The station is cantilevered and slide off on both east and west-bound platforms to not encroach into the heritage tree protection zone and give way to the access road. The Flower Terrace Station is designed to rest and tier up to mitigate cutting off existing terrain, reducing the impact on the vista of the iconic Merlion statue.

Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

From flying above the forest to the wide view of the Singapore Strait and Keppel Bay, the cableway unlocks the full potential of Sentosa’s tropical island views and offers a convenient yet scenic mode of transport across the island.