Disrupting with rest

14 August 2020

Setting itself apart from the traditional mall, Funan offers plenty of rest areas, interactive spaces, and to top it off, an “edible” rooftop garden to engage shoppers from all walks of life.

Most malls are designed to have as much leasable space as possible. For Funan, it was decided right from the start to open up more areas for the public. Aligned to the aim of the development to create meaningful and enriching exchanges beyond the transactional, the design deliberately scaled back on fully utilising all space to be leased to allow more breathing space.

The most popular and prominent spot is the flight of steps in the atrium that extents from level 1 to 2. Besides being a good chill out spot with a good view of what is happening across the different levels of the mall, the space can also be used for events such as e-games tournaments.

Integrated as part of the Tree of Life, that housing retail pods that allows brand with a limited-period pop up concept, are the seating areas equipped with phone charging stations.

Credit: CapitaLand Limited

To top it off, level 7 features a 18,000 sqft Food Garden to bring shoppers closer to nature with a variety of edible plants for shoppers to see, smell and touch. At the garden, visitors can also learn more about how vegetable are produced and harvest. Some of these vegetables are also being used in the mall’s farm-to-table eateries. The rooftop also becomes a hotspot for the public to enjoy the views of Marina Bay or the fireworks during National Day and New Year.

The rest areas that might be seen as unimportant at the first glance breathe a new breath of life and add another layer of meaning to the place.