Designing an oasis of calm

14 January 2020

We blend luxury and sanctuary in our architectural and interior design for Nirvana in the glitzy Palm Jumeirah.

There’s nothing quite like Palm Jumeirah. Even in Dubai, a self-proclaimed city of superlatives that is home to the world’s tallest hotel, biggest shopping mall and largest choreographed fountain system, Palm Jumeirah dazzles. The giant man-made archipelago is regarded as one of the world’s most coveted addresses with its multitude of luxury villas and high-end homes.

Amidst this glitz and glamour, a new oasis of calm is emerging as Nirvana takes shape. The collection of 124 luxury apartments is the latest undertaking by renowned real estate developer Royal Centurion Group, which entrusted us with the architectural and interior design work.

Surveying the 215,000 sqft site in the east crescent of Palm Jumeirah, the team was immediately taken by the magnificent waterfront views that stretched out endlessly towards the horizon. There was awe and wonder but what we felt most keenly was a sense of tranquillity.

To translate this into design, we opted for a modern, minimalistic and timeless look. We took inspiration from yachts, sailing through the water with ease and grace, to create a contemporary, comfortable and stylish building façade for Nirvana. Those clean lines extend into each apartment, where an emphasis on details helped us transform every apartment into a private sanctuary of serenity.

Our design complements the development’s thoughtful amenities, which includes a premium spa, fitness centre, and swimming pools. It also creates a seamless visual and emotional connection to the beach where residents can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Like a berthed yacht, Nirvana is at home in Palm Jumeirah.