Bringing life

14 Aug 2020

The urban design for the new Jiaxing city creates a lively waterfront city of the future.

Our main design concept for the new Jiaxing city in China combines the principles of Singapore urban design with the culture of the Jiangnan water village.

Inspired by the traditional Jiangnan water village lifestyle, we designed a waterway system to seamlessly connect the existing waterways with the newly planned roads, bicycle lanes, jogging tracks as well as tram and ferry transport systems into an integrated network.

To create a functional as well as a vibrant waterway, special features such as Garden bridge, Water Island, and Ecological parks are expected to bring the community together to create a greater sense of belonging to this new city.

Design concept of watertown

The central area of the eco-friendly city will also be designated as a public area with a city lake, sport parks, and a 9.9 km green pedestrian network.

The design centred around the creation of a variety of spaces for the community to call it their own. In turn, it will create a unique and lively destination for all those living, working and playing in the new Jiaxing city.