Blossoming radiance

22 December 2020

Bound by a central anchoring node, the land in Cambodia Kampot Province is shaped to mimic the plumeria rubra flower.

Inspired by the plumeria rubra flower that is prevalent and symbolic in Cambodia, this 5.5 square kilometre masterplan located in Kampot Province emulates the centripetal qualities of the flower with multi-functional petal-like zones.

This latest destination RSP is working on is a mixed-use community waterfront island for both locals and tourists alike. Amidst a lush and tropical paradise overlooking the gulf of Thailand sits the radial landscape that provides residential, commercial and multi-purpose development zones including a shopping district and a world-class marina.

The development is an integrated concept which serves as a complete community that interweaves architecture with its natural living environment. While the configuration of the land promotes this town as a centrifugal force that attracts people, its ‘petals’ work to create various programmes for development that makes the town centre an effective network of activities.

The clever manipulation of landform encourages social interactions at the heart of the town and gives rise to a uniquely self-contained yet alluring community. The masterplan in this project is unconventional but progressive in its approach towards the alteration of land to drive self-sustainable and close-knit communities.

Watch this space as it starts to bloom in the next few years.