Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

At the height of green urban living

3 June 2020

The Altez towers over downtown Singapore as a unique collection of homes defined by interconnectedness

At the edge of downtown Singapore, The Altez rises 62 storeys high. It is one of the tallest residential buildings in the area, straddling the city’s business district and its southern seas. The 360-degree panoramic views from the development’s 60th-floor sky terrace proves this in the most breathtaking way.

Our creative vision for The Altez was inspired by the synergy between urban systems and communities. The site sits on a key node in Singapore’s transportation network and is surrounded by a host of lifestyle offerings from retail to restaurants. Interconnectedness is key. We designed the development accordingly, creating a unique vertical community that connects a variety of people and lifestyles.

The tower is sculpted as a collection of living colonies, each with its own green lung and lifestyle choice. The 280 residential units are distributed vertically by lifestyle, transitioning from an ‘active zone’ with smaller units and a more dynamic lifestyle on the lower floors, to a ‘quiet zone’ with larger family-sized units and an oasis of calm on the higher floors. Sky terraces interspersed throughout the tower carry these themes with programmes that range from the sporty and lively to the serene and tranquil. Green spaces are also distributed vertically to create green lungs for each of the five unit stacks, and to throw shade onto the development to reduce heat gain in tropical Singapore.

It was a challenge to design a slim, 250-metre high-rise tower with both the architectural stability and space flexibility to support the different unit layouts that we had in mind. A double core concept was used to enlarge the building’s footprint and increase its stiffness against wind force. Tower massing was designed to anchor it directly to street level. This breaks away from the conventional tower podium approach and allows the building to draw in and diffuse city energy vertically to the semi-private and private spaces above.

The result is an interconnected home that places its residents at the height of green urban living.