A sky-high balancing act

3 June 2020

8 Conlay gives poetic form to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang in its design of the world’s tallest twin spiralled residential towers

The duality of Yin and Yang lies in the harmonious balance of two opposing forces. The Chinese character for the number eight is formed by two concave and convex strokes leaning into each other. These two concepts, reinterpreted through design, have been combined to create the world’s tallest spiralled twin residential towers.

This magnificent sight is the architectural highlight of 8 Conlay, an ambitious mixed-use development that occupies nearly four acres of prime freehold land in one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

8 Conlay comprises three skyline-altering towers anchored by a four-storey lifestyle retail podium. The development houses the venerable Kempinski’s maiden presence in the country with a 56-storey hotel block flanking the two spiralled towers, which are devoted to branded residences serviced by Kempinski as well.

Architecturally, the concept of balance is achieved as the 56-storey Tower B gently curves into the 61-storey Tower A. Mid-construction, this created the illusion of a tilted tower, which had social media buzzing. As 8 Conlay nears completion and its full design takes shape, its architectural statement becomes clear. The idea of Yin-Yang balance is also expressed through the deliberate use of materials. The towers’ façade of large glass expanses and crisp aluminium trimmings creates a sense of modernity, which is harmonised with nature through its sky gardens, environmental deck and generous landscaping.

When completed, 8 Conlay will redefine the skyline and lifestyle of Malaysia’s bustling capital city.