Fuzhou Strategic & Master Plan

Designing a sustainable urban growth

The Project

The long-term strategic plan and comprehensive master plan for Greater Fuzhou and its central city offer a sustainable development platform which fosters a healthy growth of urban agglomeration of the west bank of Taiwan Straits, and an enhanced natural and cultural character of the overall environment.

Extensively retaining existing rivers facilitates a natural storm water management system while preserving the natural and cultural value of the place.

Extensive retention of existing rivers

Strategic population distribution, integrated transport and land use structure ensure a healthy growth towards the coastal zone of East China Sea.

Healthy growth towards the coastal zone of East China Sea

At A Glance

Area: 12,250,000,000 m2

Location: Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China

Completion: 2017

Fuzhou City Urban Rural Planning Bureau

Scope of Work:
MP Strategic Planning, MP Concept Planning