Henderson Waves

Re-experiencing nature

The Project

Arising from an international competition, the design of this tallest pedestrian bridge flows organically in seven wave spans, connecting hills and parks within the Southern Ridges. The design is socially responsive and environmentally friendly. It is a work of art, a landmark that everyone identifies with.

Everyone finds their own space on the bridge

The Challenge

The challenges were complex, from implementing the highly precise design based on mathematical formulas to minimising the ecological impact of the bridge. The result was an integration of both form and structure, a creation of a social infrastructure and a destination by itself.

Design should improve people’s lives


BCA Construction Productivity Awards Platinum

SIA Architectural Design Awards

Cityscape Global Awards

ULI Global Awards For Excellence

At A Glance

Location: Henderson Road, Singapore

Completion: 2008

Urban Redevelopment Authority

In Association with:
IJP Corporation Ltd

Scope of Work:
Architectural, CS Engineering, ME Engineering