Jinwan Core Area Detailed Plan & Urban Design

A liveable, self-sufficient town

The Project

Bustling Jinwan offers an attractive live-work-play environment with major employment areas, great housing and comprehensive facilities. The detailed plan seeks to further develop Jinwan as a regional centre that supports the western area of Zhuhai, and prepare a sustainable urban structure to ensure a liveable and self-sufficient town.

The plan incorporates a regenerative urban system for efficiency, resilience and livability to resonate with the local culture and its distinctive aesthetic.

Seamless integration between landscape and built environment

The Challenge

Despite the large proportion of committed land, the land use is carefully planned and distributed to ensure good accessibility supported by an efficient transport network. With the development of Jinwan, its residents benefit from even better facilities, more recreational options and improved transport connectivity in the future.

At A Glance

Area: 3,800,000 m2

Location: Jinwan, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

Completion: 2015

Zhuhai Huajin Construction and Development Co Ltd

Scope of Work:
MP Detailed Planning, MP Urban Design