RSP wins Design & Engineering Safety Excellence Award

14 May 2018

For the ingenious design and engineering processes and solutions for the iconic Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4), RSP received top honours in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards 2018. The award recognises the efforts of RSP and the project team for overcoming project challenges and achieving the highest standards of design and engineering for safety excellence. This is the sixth consecutive year RSP has received the BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award.

For T4, RSP faced the challenge of having to complete the main terminal building in 30 months, and complete part of the 1st and 2nd storeys within 12 months to allow subcontractors to start their works to meet the project’s deadline. Construction productivity was key for the timely completion of the project and the team had most of the T4’s structure prefabricated offsite, then transported and assembled onsite. T4’s 21 gangways also had to be prefabricated offsite and assembled onsite because they were located just metres away from where aircrafts were parked at the airport, and strict security clearance and airside operational needs had to be complied with.

RSP also worked closely with the project team which implemented a unique “Hat First” construction method for the terminal building. The roof was completed ahead of the floors below from the middle out. This provided a safe and conducive working environment for early commencement of finishing and services works as well as early installation of the airport’s Baggage Handling System. Another engineering feat was the use of long steel roof trusses to support the roof of T4’s departure hall to achieve a visually appealing, column-free hall.

In an interview with The Straits Times, RSP’s Senior Managing Director, Mr Lai Huen Poh shared that engineering may be hard and long work, but he makes it a point to get in tune. He said, "It is like conducting an orchestra and presenting a Mozart piece."


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