RSP wins two design competitions in China

16 Nov 2017

RSP has won two design competitions for high-tech campus parks in the Zhangqiu district of Jinan (Shandong) and the Xibeiwang area of Zhongguancun in the Haidian district (Beijing). Both designs were developed by RSP’s China office.

The competitions were organised by Jinan Construction Tender Consultants for Dareway Software Company, and Dechengzhidi Real Estate Company owned by leading real estate company Guanchengdatong.

Dareway Software Company Zhangqiu Industrial Park Planning and Architectural Design Competition, Jinan, China

RSP’s design for the Dareway campus will create a high-end, bespoke humane green software campus housing Dareway’s headquarters, staff dormitories, office spaces, and amenities for leisure, sports and daily conveniences. The design draws inspiration from Jinan’s native natural treasures – its seventy-two naturally occurring springs and the plum blossom – to create the campus centrepiece of a central “spring lake" garden, surrounded by five office buildings “blossoming” around it to evoke the petals of the famed flower. The plum blossom is also symbolic of nobility, strength, vitality and modesty, qualities traditionally held in esteem by the Chinese.

Enhancing the connection to nature are walking corridors and lush central courtyards linking the development to the surrounding natural landscape.  The result is a functional and beautiful campus that brings people together, pays homage to the natural wonders of Jinan, and supports Dareway's strong corporate values and culture.

Xibeiwang Plot A3 Mixed-Used Development: Haidian Xibeiwang New Village Plot A3 Conceptual Design Competition, Beijing, China

RSP has also won a competition to build a mixed development for Guancheng Datong. The design team envisioned a world-class lifestyle destination and corporate campus that will foster a community of industry and social connections. The project will also create a unique landmark in the Xibeiwang area of Zhongguancun, home of many major IT corporations.

Through the incorporation of a variety of settings such as linkways, boulevards, atria, a pedestrian street and a sky pavilion, the design team hoped to create an environment that will promote learning, sharing and socialisation. There are many shared spaces, mostly open-air, to facilitate interaction and trust between the company and the public while creating a strong brand identity for the development.

Winning the competitions has helped RSP to advance its design philosophy in creating work environments that are conducive to meet organisational, community and environmental goals.

Construction for both projects is slated to begin in 2018.