BCA Awards 2016: Interview with Seah Chee Kien

30 May 2016

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers swept the BCA Awards 2016, winning 15 awards including 3 Green Mark Platinum Awards, 1 Universal Design Mark Platinum Award and 5 Construction Excellence Awards. An essential part of making that happen is the firm's ability to maintain great partnerships, according to RSP executive director Mr Seah Chee Kien in an interview with The Straits Times ('A culture of trust', BCA Awards 2016 special supplement p8, May 27, 2016).

Besides bringing a welcome profile boost, the awards are also a reminder to RSP of its responsibility to build projects that benefit society, says Mr Seah. Projects like The Tennery and Altez, among this year's BCA Construction Excellence Award winners, are the results of effective collaboration resulting in better, more thought-out designs.

For example, RSP took immense care to develop strong relationships with the key stakeholders of The Tennery, keeping an open mind and a cool head when working with multiple agencies to resolve issues of safety and space constraints. Similarly, RSP cooperated closely with the management bodies of surrounding buildings to prevent accidents at the congested Altez work site.

The idea of teamwork extends to the RSP family where the practice of mentorship helps grow trust among teams and settle new hire quicklyinto the workplace. Guided by an in-house education and training programme, staff continue to hone their expertise while contributing to the productivity and capabilities of the firm. Read more ...

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