13 BCA Awards won

4 Aug 2014

RSP continues to win big with 13 awards on 22 May 2014 from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), for a range of areas like construction excellence, good green and universal designs and built environment leadership. Six out of eight of RSP’s projects that have won the BCA Green Mark Award are schools or academies that have pushed design boundaries, showing how physical environments can also play an active role in shaping learning experiences. 

“We believe our physical environments can serve as engaging learning and teaching tools as well. We want to design environments that inspire learning and an inquiring mindset,” says RSP’s Managing Director, Lee Kut Cheung. For projects that have won the Green Mark Awards 2014 like the BCA Academy building, INSEAD Leadership Development Centre, the ESSEC Business School and the Design School at the Singapore Polytechnic, some serve as “live laboratories” for both teachers and students, taking sustainable design a step further. 

Services that have traditionally been hidden by ceilings are bared, while monitoring panels installed outside some lecture rooms on energy consumption are being explored. Dedicated green tours are also integrated as part of the campus design for students to learn on site. All these help to encourage a greater awareness and discussion on the elements that make buildings work and how everyone can play a part in better energy management.

Open designs

Beyond these, the strengths and qualities of the various school sites are leveraged on to create more open and conducive environments for interactions. Kut Cheung adds: “Learning institutions can be more than just places for teaching. There is a huge potential to create spaces that allow students and teachers to talk more with each other, generate new ideas and be intellectually stimulated. Even visitors to the school can be engaged within the campus.”

The Design School at the Singapore Polytechnic uses glass generously and open views into the studios and cross circulation between public and private spaces to encourage greater social interaction and intellectual exchanges amongst teachers, students and visitors. The ESSEC Business School is designed around a central axis that serves as a pedestrian thoroughfare open to the public. This naturally ventilated thoroughfare, together with multiple terraces and pockets of landscaped spaces will help generate greater buzz and energy within the campus.

Universal design

Another project that received BCA’s top Platinum award (Universal Design Mark) is The Interlace. With an increasing focus on creating user friendly features that cater to a wide variety of users, The Interlace, by developer CapitaLand, probably has one of the most extensive user friendly features for a private residential development. 

Large in size at 8 hectares, RSP worked with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, who developed the overall design, to bring in the local context, creating universal design features have brought the scale down for residents to experience the development at personal and individual levels. The design has enabled residents and visitors to navigate around easily and encourage community bonding. 

Lifts and ramps are used extensively where the terrain or architecture results in differences in levels to allow everyone ease of access to all the facilities. In the carpark basement, larger handicap and family parking lots are provided for the convenience of wheelchair users and families with prams. Bicycle lots and pedestrian walkways are harmonised with the basement layout. Careful planning and signages enable users of the 1,000 plus-lot carpark to navigate safely and comfortably. 

There are designated wheelchair-friendly lifts for access to the sky gardens, wheelchair-friendly furniture at the poolside party pavilions, and wheelchair-friendly gym. The eight themed courtyards and activity clusters with communal facilities also encourage both young and old to interact more with each other and create a larger community feel.

Winning projects

BCA Built Environment Leadership Award – Gold Class

BCA Green Mark

  • IES Redevelopment – Platinum
  • INSEAD Leadership Development Centre – Platinum
  • Design School at Singapore Polytechnic – Platinum
  • Nanyang Polytechnic Campus Expansion and Singapore Institute of Technology @ NY Building – Platinum
  • BCA Academy Building – Platinum
  • ESSEC Business School – Platinum
  • Watertown – Gold Plus

BCA Construction Excellence

BCA Universal Design Mark

  • The Interlace (in association with Office for Metropolitan Architecture) – Platinum

BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award

  • The Interlace (in association with Office for Metropolitan Architecture)


Photo © Building and Construction Authority